Monday, September 28, 2009

"Potential Energy"

It is a new day..

According to midnight, Yesterday is the past.
Yesterday had old ways, mindsets and people.
Today presents a fresh start, a new beginning.

Granted yesterday was a good day,
Good is no longer good enough.
I'm walking toward greatness.

Forward I shall walk, with a smile on my face.
My peripheral glimpsing family and close friends.
My foresight simply reflecting faith and Gods will.

As I walk passing mountains I could climb,
pastures I could tend to, landfills I could clean,
souls I could save and hearts I could mend,

Flashbacks of physical science come to mind:
Potential energy is "stored energy" that can only be released by motion.
A ball has potential energy until it is bounced.

I have "potential energy" until God moves me.
There is a lot I could do, but without that confirmation
of Gods will, why waste Potential Energy?

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